A Perfect Security and Speed Solution for Exchanges



BITARK KO SOLUTION, the first hacker immune trading technology, is designed to provide exchanges in the world with a solution which is completely immune to hackers and can serve ultra-high frequency trading for about tens of millions of transactions per second. It only takes 7-10 sets of servers to serve 224 countries and regions in the world.

BITARK KO SOLUTION is a perfect combination of all hardware and software, from the basic CPU, to the key machine, the operating system, and to the key management system, user management system, distributed disaster-recovery management center and other system software. It is a solution to provide ultimate security for digitally encrypted currency exchanges!

We've created a model exchange — BITARK, and will start an activity this summer called a million dollar hacking reward to prove the reliability of our technology.

BITARK Exchange has started the layout and registration of the EU system which entered the testing phase of on-line deployment in January 2018. After BITARK comes online, it will develop and deploy artificial intelligence customer service and investment management.


Three types of security

Completely immune to the hacker

  • Software
    Independent operating system and exchange software.
  • Hardware
    Custom CPU
    Financial grade cipher machine Dedicated U shield
  • Strategy
    Distributed deployment
    Multiple authorization management
    EU CC certification
    Global Hacking Contest

Three High-speed Experience

High performance

  1. Dedicated


  2. High-speed Distributed algorithm

  3. The basic private key intelligent identification technology



  • Building of Currency Platforms

    The OpenBazaar platform is the only available B to C online store in the blockchain area, but its webpage loads very slowly and the user experience is bad. We will build an exchange-integrated Crypto-Commerce platform that will not only enhance the consumer experience, but also complete payment by using any tokens that are on the BITARK exchange.
  • Crowd Sale Services

    We will help customers to design their products or brands, and complete their crowd sale. Their token will be listed on the BITARK exchange. So crowd sale services and currency platforms can be echoed to complete the business closed-loop.
  • Legal Currency Channels

    The BITARK team has developed a piece of OTC software that automates secured exchanges. With the smart contracts developed by the team, OTC achieves such operations as token credit, verification of legal tender transactions and token release, as well as establishing a deep cooperation with some OTC platforms.



  • Li Yuchen

    Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Business Administration of Oakland Polytechnic University, an early participant in the Bitcoin community, a loyal fan of Ethereum community, with in-depth research into the areas of blockchain and Internet of Things, and with many years of senior management experience in large-scale listed companies in China and Japan.

  • Li Ge

    She holds a bachelor’s degree in laws and worked in the DACA Blockchain Association and micro-finance 50 forums. She organized the translation and publication of the first Chinese blockchain book "Blockchain: New Economy Blueprint and Introduction", organized more than 50 blockchain keynote speeches and academic exchange activities and participated in the planning and design of iCenter blockchain courses in Tsinghua University. She also participated in hosting the 2016 Micro-financial Summit Block -chain Theme Forum and 2017 Guiyang Digital Expo blockchain Theme Forum. She has undertaken a number of operation and promotion activities for well-known blockchain projects.

  • Dingding

    Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology of Sichuan University. He has led the communications equipment research and development of a large state enterprise, of which the individual achievement reached the top of the industry in the world. He has undertaken the research and development of several communication systems that are applied to the world's top 500 enterprises, governments, banks and state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises. He has a profound systematic study on cryptography, blockchain, Internet of Things, AI and Big Data.

  • Zhao Liyu

    Bachelor of Materials Forming and Control Engineering of Jiamusi University and graduate student of Macroeconomics of Tokyo University. He worked in Foxconn as a senior engineer and was responsible for supervising the development of a full range of devices for Apple mobiles. During his career as Manager of Southern China in Mitsubishi Electric, he was responsible for SMT mobile project management and new market development, and is keen on developing new technologies in the field of manufacturing.

  • Lin Jianfeng

    Bachelor of Software Engineering of Xiamen University, keen on the development and application of open source technology, good at software engineering project management, and proficient in web technology, the underlying technology and blockchain technology.He worked in a Chinese commercial bank for years to offer technical support, responsible for software development and project management, and has rich experience in blockchain.

Consultants & Investors

  • Zhou Chaohui

    He graduated from Fudan University, and is the Vice President of China DogeCoin Association, investment researcher of World blockchain Foundation, a distinguished lecturer of iCenter of DACA & Tsinghua University and one of the keynote speakers at “Blockchain University Row” organized by the DACA blockchain Association.

    Addressed a number of speeches and lectures, and invested in more than 50 blockchain projects.

    Editor in chief: "How to Invest in Digital Currency", "DOGE: The Most Valuable Life Wealth"

    Involved: "blockchain Development and Examples", "blockchain technology and Practice of Application"

    Editing: "ICO: 1 Minute blockchain Investment", "Bit-coin Global E-commerce Platform — OpenBazaar"

    Published PPTs: "Global blockchain Investments", "Why Digital Currency Falls Recently", "Goodbye Bit-coin."

  • Willson Lee

    Blockchain Ambassador, A royal accountant of the United Kingdom and a well-known international business consultant. In 2004, on behalf of young overseas Chinese entrepreneurs, he was invited by the Chinese State Council to address a speech to the national leaders in the People’s Great Hall in Beijing. He is a combination of speaker, investor, traveler, critic and writer. He is the only Chinese investor in the world who addressed speeches together with Jim Rogers and is the world's first person to travel around the world and make a documentary only with bit-coin. He was invited to address “Encryption Economic Storm” speeches at Summit Forums around the world. He is also the global advocacy ambassador of “Bit cloud”, and the permanent chairman of World blockchain Foundation (awarded the World Excellence Brand in 2017)

  • Cheng Maiyue

    Director of Wuzhen Think Tank, former partner of Rocky Mountain Institute of the United States, senior fellow, sponsor of Wuzhen Think Tank, and consultant of China Development Financial (town development).

    Mr. Cheng graduated from Fudan University, Beijing International Relations Institute and Wilson International School of Public Affairs, Princeton, USA, with a bachelor's and master's degree in international relations, economics and public policies. For more than 20 years, Mr. Cheng has worked in the World Bank headquarters, top transnational corporations in the energy and communications field and well-known international consultants. He has been working with Chinese government and large state-owned enterprises for a long time, and is active in economic and financial analysis, urban planning strategy, direct investment / private equity, entrepreneurial services and other fields.

    In recent years, Mr. Cheng has participated in the project of "Reshaping Energy - China (Energy Vision 2050)" co-hosted by the Rocky Mountain Institute, Energy Research Institute of NDRC, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Energy Foundation (China) to promote strategic cooperation and seek low-carbon development and policy ideas and solutions for green energy.